Resistant frame, very low ratios and large studded tires, designed for pedaling on off-road routes and to tackle particularly steep slopes. Come to Livigno and try it with us!


all Mountain:

Enjoy 360° the spirit of the Mountains by practicing the Sport we love the most! The Frames of these Full Suspended bikes seem to be designed only for downhill; actually, the geometries allow us to tackle any challenging uphill tracks thanks to the comfortable saddle position. 130/140mm front and rear travel, powerful hydraulic disc brakes for demanding descents with discs up to 180mm. Most of the Companies build their bikes with Telescopic Seatposts and Tires with generous 2.2 and 2.3” sections as standard.


The true Essence of Mountain Biking while being in close contact with Nature. The Enduro Bike is suitable for all terrains, Flow Trail, Single Track and even for Bike Park Trails. It uses a Full Suspended Frame with Travels from 150mm to 160mm with 27.5” and 29” wheels, tires with a section of up to 2.5” and even more. Telescopic Seatposts are a must.


It’s all about pure adrenaline, using the cableway to reach the highest altitudes. Are you ready for some Thrilling Excitement? Downhill Trails of Various Levels and Difficulties featuring Sliding Paths, Parabolic Curves, Jumps, Drops, Technical Descents… they will all be your “Yes, we are ready!”. Downhill Bikes are Full Suspended with a 200mm Front Fork and a Backward Setting, Enhanced Hydraulic Braking Systems for Descent. It does not require


Full Suspended

A bike that is equipped with amortized Front Fork and Rear Suspension. Also known as: “Full- suspension bike”.

Single Track

We use this term to indicate a Narrow Path, which can be traveled by one bike at a time.

Telescopic SEATPOST

It is an accessory that allows you to mechanically raise or lower the height of the Seat Tube. It is used to make Technical Descents safer.

Bike Park

An area equipped with a cable car system, characterized by man-made downhill tracks of different types and difficulty levels.

Parabolic CURVES

They are Curves that foresee a Lateral Slope of the Terrain towards the end of the curve. They allow us to tackle all curves with higher speeds than the “classic” ones.


A Drop is an obstacle that involves a Detachment of the Wheels from the Ground. It is usually flat or downhill, and the Landing is Lower than the Takeoff Point.

North ShoreS

North Shores are wooden structures, walkways or bridges. In general, these Structures add Extra Difficulties compared to Natural Terrains, which makes it more Fun.

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